Rebekah Hudes’ artwork emerges from a creative process that is both constructive and deconstructive, that adds and subtracts in order to portray the world she's seeing and experiencing. Playing with mixed media, she builds up and unravels imagery that is evocative and also disturbing, clarifying and obscuring. She is looking for resolutions, but not obvious ones or easy ones. She is involved in a search for and uncovering of meaning, beauty and peace.  

Her artistic work may have begun as an unconscious process and then, when recognized and cherished, became a search for affirmation and delivery of a gradual resolution. The work seeks to offer to others new affirmations of ourselves, our relationship to a material world, and interconnection with society and culture. We work in a time of lost meanings and the attempts to recover them are an important part of the artwork. Through play that is both creative and destructive, meaning is created, beauty is discovered, and peace emerges. 



Rebekah and her family relocated to Georgia from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013.  She holds Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in both painting & drawing and interior design. Rebekah graduated with honors from the California College of the Arts. She worked as a residential designer for an architecture & design firm in San Francisco. Rebekah has a life-long love of painting & drawing, and works daily in her art studio in beautiful Serenbe.

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