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The Organic Life House

The Organic Life House at Serenbe is designed as a model for healthier living and home building. The 6,000 square foot four bedroom, four-and-a-half bath home is EarthCraftTM-certified, and features geothermal heating and cooling and solar panels for natural heating and cooling and is built using natural materials. The home was designed by architect J.P. Curran and built by Bobby Webb. Interiors are custom-designed by Dana Lynch with furnishings by Atlanta interior designer Jillian Pritchard Cooke, and landscape designed by Farmer D.  Rebekah Hudes exhibited 3 pieces of art in the Organic Life House.


2016 AH&L Designer Showhouse

The 3rd Annual Showhouse is the luxury Penthouse, sitting high atop the Textile Lofts at Serenbe and featuring three spacious bedrooms, a series of private outdoor living spaces and a gourmet kitchen with dramatic 16 ft. arch windows. Designed by architect J. Ryan Duffey, the Textile Lofts also include 15 apartments, six condos and three specialty retailers, introducing an urban residential experience to Serenbe.  One-of-a-kind Textile Loft Penthouse will feature more than 15 designers throughout luxurious indoor and outdoor rooms, including playful porches and garden rooms with a copper outdoor spa. Rebekah Hudes showed 3 pieces of art in the Textile Lofts.

Chatt Hills Gallery

Chatt Hills Gallery is located in the rolling Chattahoochee Hills just south of Atlanta in the “new urban” community of Serenbe. Chatt Hills Gallery is a contemporary art gallery exhibiting the work of Carla Royal and Chatt Hills Co-op Artists. Rebekah Hudes showed 4 pieces of art in the Chatt Hills Gallery. 

Chatt Hills Gallery Co-Op

Chatt Hills Artist Co-op was formed in June 2016 to encourage the work of local artists. This group was formed right out of Georgia red clay. The artists listed on this site represent just a few members of the co-op, with more to come in the future. If you are interested in purchasing co-op artists' work or are interested in becoming a member, contact Judy Walker at Rebekah Hudes exhibited 5 pieces of art in the Chatt Hills Gallery Co-op.